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How to grow Wheatgrass



We started growing this because we were spending about 12 bucks a week on the 4 inch pots. The pigs are hooked on it now, so we will be growing it forever.

For growing you will need:

1. Potting soil or seed starter.
( The best soil we have found so far is "The Old Farmers Almanac Seed Starter". The worst soil we have found so far is "Scott's" potting soil. This stuff smelled like mold as soon as it was wet, and we lost most of the crop to mold. We have also grown it in pure vermiculite with good results. A small bit of mold at the surface is ok. If you see to much mold, start again with a different soil. This is a great way to give the pigs a healthy snack, but be carefull of the mold).

2. Some kind of container like the 4 inch pots or those plastic frozen food containers work well. Just punch a few drainage wholes in the bottom.

3. A mist water bottle

4. Organic hard red winter wheat berries.(you can find these at heath food stores for about .43 cents a pound).

Soak enough of the wheat seeds over night in room temp water to cover your container completly so you don't see any soil. The seeds will expand almost double in size over night. This is a guessing game the first few times on the amount.

Fill your container with 2 inches of soil and water well.(you may need to add a bit more after watering).

Take the soaked seeds and cover the soil so you almost can't see the soil.
Take a small amount of soil, just enough to cover the seeds and sprinkle it on the seeds.

Water it with the mist bottle so you don't disturb the soil.
I've found it grows best in filtered sunlite like the light thru a closed mini blind.

Water with the mist bottle every day to keep seeds moist.(if they dry out they will die).

In about 4 days you will see growth, just keep them moist, but not soaked. In 7-10 days you will have a full harvest about 6-8 inches high.

You can snip it off for the pigs or sometimes I will just set the container on the floor and let them go at it. You need to watch them because they will eat it until they explode. Our girls share a 4 inch pot per day.

Even if you have no time you can grow this, it is so easy, and it only costs a few cents a pot. You can start new pots every few days so you have it all the time for the pigs. Your pigs will get to know the sound of scissors very quickly.

If you find mold at the surface of the soil, don't set it down for the pigs. Just cut it about one inch above the soil.

This is the same grass you find sold as pet grass. Happy growing.

Rescue piggies make great lovers