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Cavia Porcellus
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Common Questions and answers (1)
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Here you will find some answers to some of the most common questions. Read up on these links before you have a problem and you will be much better prepared for the situation.


Cant get to a vet right away? Try this link for some ideas on how to help your Guinea Pig until you can get in to see one.

Pinta's Rural Emergency Medical Guide (Guinea Lynx)


The popular topic "Vitamin C"

Vitamin C Deficiency, Scurvy (Guinea Lynx)

Vitamin C and calcium content of fruits and vegetables (Squeaks page)

Feed and Nutrition (S.A.L. Cavies)


You see it almost everyday on the message boards." My pig is pregnant, we dont know anything about our pig having babies". These links will fill you in on just about everything you need to know about pregnancy and it's possible complications.

Peter Gurney's Guinea Pig pages

Normal Labour ( Guinea Lynx)

Pregnancy ( Seagull's Guinea Pig Compendium )


Dangerous and Safe Medications for Guinea Pigs

Dangerous Medications (Guinea Lynx)

Safe Medications (Squeaks Page)

Antibiotics in Cavies (American Cavy Breeders Association)

Guinea Tip: Some vets will prescribe Penicillin based drugs (antibiotics) for Guinea Pigs. Do not accept them, they will destroy the gut flora of the pig, and this can be fatal.